Accidentally Vegan Food

Accidentally Vegan Food by I dig Carrots

Here’s a personal top 10 of branded food that was not intended to be vegan, but happens to be.

Kahlua and coconut milk make a decadent cocktail.

kahlua The vegan carrot

The cream in between the 2 cookies of the Oreo is made out of sugar, vanilla, water, and vegetable shortening.

Oreo VeganThe vegan carrot

Most Clif Bars are vegan by default. Look up their ingredient listing.

the vegan carrot clif bar

This hot cocoa powder doesn’t contain any dairy!

the vegan carrot ghirardelli

No butter in this Pillsbury Crescent!

Pillsbury Crescent The Vegan Carrot

Duncan Hines Creamy Classic Chocolate is naturally vegan. (US and Canada)

Duncan Hines Creamy Classic Chocolate The Vegan Carrot

Skittles changed their recipe back in 2010, and since then, the candies are gelatin-free.

Skittles The Vegan Carrot

When it says ‘Sorbet’, chances are it’s vegan! Double-check the ingredients, as always.

Haagen Dazs Sorbet The Vegan Carrot

Sour Patch Kids uses corn starch as a jelling agent.

Sour Patch Kids The Vegan Carrot

No cheese in these Doritos.

Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos The Vegan Carrot

Here are more accidental vegan foods you probably don’t know about!

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