Top 5 Vegan Fitness Inspirations

The Vegan Carrot Fitness Inspiration

I’ve sampled below a mix of celebrity athletes and social media influencers with different body type or expertise. They all flourish on a plant-based (or mostly plant-based for some) diet. I enjoy following them to get information or inspiration from distinct sources. I hope these can strike motivation for you too!

1. The Om Twins (Glutes and Good Vibes from Playa del Carmen, MX)

Eileen & Gilian Reichert are twins living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I like their content because they’re always smiling and so positive. They are both vegan and provide workouts with a focus on glutes. There’s a whole lot of reality check on their feed as well!

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Om Twins Instagram The Vegan Carrot
Source: Om Twins Instagram

2. Nimai Delgado (A Male Bodybuilder who has Never Eaten Meat)

Most vegetarian and vegan at least grew up eating animal products before making a transition. I like seeing kids or adults thriving on a plant-based diet because they are a living proof that this lifestyle can truly be beneficial. Nimai often shares what he eats in a day on his Instagram feed. He’s also the founder of Vegan Fitness dot Com which provides vegan meal plans and training workouts.

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Source: Nimai’s Instagram

3. Patrik Baboumian (Record Breaking Vegan Powerlifter)

Patrik Baboumian is known for his incredible strength as a vegan powerlifter. He holds the record of the heaviest yoke (1224 lbs) carried over 10 meters. He’s also currently writing a comic book about a hero who’s superpower is to feel other species suffering, which I thought was a great twist on vegan books.

Read More about Patrik Baboumian: Why is he so strong?


4. Venus Williams

Tennis Champion Venus Williams has been vegan for 10 years while her sister Serena Williams is almost vegan (she goes fully plant-based while on tour.

Venus Williams said: ‘Plant-based definitely changed my life’ in an interview with Insider.

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Source: Venus Williams Instagram

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold was featured in the Games Changers documentary and has been known to have an almost vegan diet. At 72 years old, he still looks handsome and stays away from meat and animals products because ‘he feels better this way’ – he reported in Men’s Health Gym & Fridge series.


Extra Rounds

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Lastly, check out this video form Jaclyn Wood where she proposes a high protein vegan meal plan and guides you through it.