Top 20 Questions Vegans get Asked

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During the holidays, you’ll probably gather around food with loved ones and sometimes acquaintances. People notice the way you eat and ask questions, especially if you bring a meal with vegan protein sources. Below is a list of 20 answers to frequently asked questions people on a plant-based lifestyle get asked.

Why are you vegan?

People often simply wonder why. The 4 pillars that push people to go vegan are health, the environment, taste and animal ethic. An example of each pillar is listed below.

Health: Removing animal products from your diet basically eliminates cholesterol which greatly reduces the risk of heart diseases. (Source)

Animals: Sadly, humans take the meat industry practices too far. If everyone would see what happens to the animals before they reach their plate, I truly believe most would be vegan.

Environment: Many studies now prove that eating plant-based is the best way to reduce our environmental footprint.

Taste: A rich plant-based diet full of colors and diversity will have you discover a ton of new flavors. Soon enough you’ll be craving grilled veggies and smoothie bowls more than processed food.

Where do you get your protein?

So many places! A ton of vegan protein options exist like beans, veggie patties, nuts and soy. One of my favorites is this 30 gram protein smoothie bowl! In addition, here’s a list of 18 plant based proteins for vegans and vegetarians from the reputable website Healthline.

I could never give up cheese

There’s no doubt cheese tastes delicious, but the process of making cheese (graphic), is often enough to deter people to consume it. Why not try many nutritious cheese alternatives that are made from nuts and will provide you some yummy vegan protein?

Is it hard to go vegan? You have to be so disciplined

Once you remember the reasons that pushed you to go vegan, it’s a no brainer to stick to this lifestyle! The very idea of eating flesh becomes strange. Here are some recipes full of vegan protein sources to get you started.

You realize your are still contributing to animal suffering?

The goal of eating plant-based isn’t to be perfect or pretend to be. It’s quasi impossible to be fully vegan. I bought an old car with leather seats – that’s not vegan. The money sitting in my bank is most likely being invested into fossil fuel and industrial farming – that’s not vegan. But I control what I can as much as possible. It turns out it’s possible to greatly reduce the demand for animal meat while being healthier – and that’s what’s great about veganism.

Vegan diets lack nutriments.

Oppositely, eating plant based will motivate you to diversify your food therefore getting much much nutriments! This recent podcast episode from the Darin Olien Show is very interesting in that regard. Guest Dr. William Li explains how plant-based food lead to healthy blood vessels which is the key to preventing most diseases.

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Credit Jonas Zeschke

I tried vegan but I didn’t feel good.

Many people make the mistake of going vegan by simply cutting dairy and meat from their diet. There’s a way to approach veganism and I’d suggest going at your own pace. Start replacing meat by a vegan protein. For example, if you like chicken nuggets, try tofu nuggets instead! There’s also an art to combining food. For example, iron absorption is different for vegans. Check out this article about iron dense food and their absorption.

Drinking dairy doesn’t hurt the cows.

Unfortunately, that’s not true. Dairy production is among one of the most cruel industries. So why not try these 7 alternatives to cow’s milk?

What will happen with all the animals if we stop eating them?

If we stop eating animals, or consume dairy, we won’t need to produce them like we currently do. We are also starting to see movements helping farmers switching to the production of vegan products.

Do you miss eating meat?

Most often, people like meat because of the seasoning or texture. It’s possible to recreate those 2 elements in a plant-based kitchen.

What about traditions, like Thanksgiving?

It’s not necessary to kill a turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving. Traditions which involved meat can easily be kept, while choosing a meat alternative or a vegan protein.

What is the difference between vegetarian, vegan and plant-based?

If you’re on a vegetarian diet, you are consuming animal byproducts such as eggs and milk, but not the flesh itself. Being vegan and plant-based is relatively the same but some people say that vegan is a bit more about the ethics side of things, while being plant-based is about focusing on eating whole food and plant-based meals.

Why do vegans imitate meat? Why not just eat the meat?

Many people go vegan not because they don’t like the taste of the meat, but for ethical reasons. In that sense, imitating meat with alternatives like vegan patties makes total sense. Also, vegan meat alternatives are the easiest way to transition to a vegan diet, since you only need to substitute whatever meat you’re already eating for vegan protein sources.

Vegan food is too expensive.

Vegan prepared and transformed foods can be expensive. Luckily, legumes, beans, rice, vegetables, soy and fruits are reasonable and can constitute for a complete healthy diet!

Are your kids going to be vegan?

Nowadays, there are so many options and resources for vegan parents. One on my favorites is Plant based Juniors. It’s a website owned by 2 plant-based moms who are certified nutritionists. You can reer to this article for vegan protein sources.

I only eat free-range eggs and humanely raised meat.

Sadly, unless you have chickens running free in your backyard, this is most likely just marketing.

But animals eat each other. It’s the law of nature.

Thankfully we don’t make our daily decisions based on animal behaviors, that’d be terrible!

Humans are designed to eat meat.

Many articles say so, many articles say the opposite. The truth is that it’s possible – at any age – to thrive on a plant-based diet. And by doing so, we enhance our health, reduce animal suffering and our ecological foot print…

Why aren’t you skinny?

Hamburgers, pizza, Oreo cookies, chips, pastas, cake; these can all be vegan. Some vegan people eat healthy, some don’t. Being vegan isn’t always about eating healthy. Eating a plant centric diet is.

What about B12?

Check out this article about vitamin B12 on a plant-based diet.

What questions would you like to ask or get asked about a vegan lifestyle?

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