5 Surprising Places You’ll Find Vegan Food (That Isn’t Salad)

Vegan Fast Food The Vegan Carrot

This article highlights 5 known places that unexpectedly offer vegan food. How? Because their nature is not necessarily one of a vegan-friendly environment. It can be controversial to highlight those; many questions arise. Is it just marketing? Why not go fully vegan? One way to look at it is that demand for vegan options is increasing, and that’s positive.

Burger King Impossible Whopper

Not quite the king of plant-based food like the featured photo of this post suggests, but Burger King does at least have one burger option that’s vegan (without the mayo).

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Photo Source: about.ikea.com

IKEA Plant-Based Dog

Yum! This dog has a unique nordic taste, with its pickled red cabbage, roasted onion, and spicy mustard. Watch their promotional video. Ikea actually has a decent vegetarian/vegan menu nowadays and is planning to be 50% plant-based by 2025. 🎉

Photo Source: TechCrunch

KFC Beyond Fried Chicken

In July of 2020, KFC started offering Beyond Fried Chicken at certain locations in Southern California. And as of July 2021, the Beyond Chicken has expanded their market to 400 (Not KFC) restaurants in North America.

See the list of participating restaurants offering Beyond Chicken

Photo Source: Well and Good

Costco Food Court

Not exactly a full meal, but at least Costco is offering an açaï bowl at their food court. (Thanks for not adding any dairy, Costco!)

Well and Good has analyzed its nutritional information

Image Source: Go Dairy Free

Ben & Jerrys

We can still dream of the day when Ben & Jerry’s will be fully plant-based. It is known that the dairy industry is absolutely cruel. But for now, they are offering many plant-based pints and have started scoops at certain locations.

Et voilà! Let me know in the comments of your favorite surprising vegan spots.