Our Experience at the Vegandale Festival LA

Vegandale Festival The Vegan Carrot

Are you looking for the best vegan food in Los Angeles? Here’s a Festival that surely will satisfy your needs. It’s one of the best vegan events in Los Angeles.

What is Vegandale Festival?

‘Vegandale Festival is North America’s Fastest Growing Vegan Festival. Expect an epic party with live music, contests, art installations, vegan clothing, merch, and over 100 food and drink vendors from across the continent. Think anything from deep fried Beyond Burgers to cinnamon buns stuffed with cookie dough – we’ve got it!’ ― Vegandale

In fact, there was so many food options that we found ourselves being overwhelmed with all the possibilities. What a good problem to have!

What to expect when you get there?

That was my first time at the Vegandale Festival in Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to have friends accompany me on this day! (I don’t have too many vegan friends.) We got there at around 1pm (Our tickets were $10 each and let us access the site from 11am to 7pm). We did have enough by 4pm though.

What was the most present was vegan food, it was everywhere! We ended up choosing a food truck a bit based on the waiting time. Some food trucks had crazy long lines – thinking of Devis Donuts. All of us were delighted by our final choice – 5 elements of LA. They describe themselves as modern, mexican cuisine. I had the Elementos Fries. It was delicious and kept me full for the rest of the day! If you go to Vegandale, you are sure to find some of the best vegan food in Los Angeles!

In addition to 100s of food trucks, there was also alcoholic beverages, healthy juices, clothing and health products. The full list of vendor for each location is available on Vegandale’s Instagram. A bit away from the merchants, there was another section with games and booths with positive vegan messages. I say positive because the festival kept a colorful, party ambiance. Music was playing loud and a crowd animator was present (we were not fans of the music being constantly interrupted, but I guess it’s part of the animation!)

Was it worth it?

I don’t generally go for festivals. I’m an introvert and prefer quiet environments. That said, I still had a blast at Vegandale. The festival was happening in a big park in Los Angeles, so there was plenty of space to walk around and breathe. Although the animation was definitely present, most people were being chill! Not too many people were drinking alcohol. We stayed around about 3 hours, discovered new brands, new food, got a ton of free samples and enjoyed walking outdoor. $10 a ticket was totally worth it! Plus, seeing so many vegan awareness just made me happy. When Vegandale comes back to LA, I will definitely go again. Cheers!