3 Nutrient-Dense Desserts

The Vegan Carrot


1. B12 Brownies (Add Spirulina)

This green alga has a deep green color, and for this reason, it blends perfectly with dark chocolate. Add it to cocoa powder while doing brownies. Here’s a spirulina and raw brownie recipe.

Extra: Mix a table spoon of (blue) spirulina for a mermaid smoothie bowl.

2. Protein-Packed Chocolate Chip Cookies (Add Chickpeas)

Replace wheat flour with chickpea flour for a protein-packed, high fiber, and gluten-free alternative. Here is a really simple chickpea chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Read more about chickpea flour on Dr. Axe.

3. Fiber Coconut and Banana Bites (Add Lentils)

Cooked lentils contain around 16 grams of fiber per cup. Why not integrate them into these super easy-to-do coconut & banana bites?

Extra nutrient: Lentils are a rich source of iron!