Easy Vegan Bread (5 ingredients)

The Vegan Carrot Bread

Now that it’s fall, I feel like cooking and baking more than usual. Even in California, it gets relatively cold at night and I’m happy to have the oven on. For that reason, I’ve been looking for a simple recipe for making bread. It’s easy to buy bread but making it is so rewarding. Plus, it will have your house smell good for hours.

So I stumbled upon Plant.Well blog which is a blog that takes classic recipes and turns them vegan. This one delicious bread is quick enough and easy to do. The full recipe and instructions are on Plant.Well blog. It takes an hour and a half to rise (total), around 10 minutes to roll the dough and 20 to 25 minutes to bake (She suggests 30 minutes). I didn’t alter her recipe but I’ve used coconut oil to grease the pan in which the dough bakes and vegan butter to apply over the bread. I’ve used the same butter to enjoy the bread, and it was absolutely delicious.

There are only 5 ingredients which include all-purpose flour, water, salt, sugar, and dry yeast.

This was my first time baking bread with a regular oven and everything turned out as planned. The result is a white bread that is crispy in the outside and soft inside.

Watch this video in under a minute to see the process.

You can go ahead and follow the full recipe on Plant.Well blog. Enjoy!