6 Common Animal-Based Foods and Their Alternatives for Transitioners

the vegan carrot vegan burger

1. Chicken

Vegan Chicken Nuggets (Source: Angela N. Flickr)


Meatless Co launched vegan chicken nuggets that are available at Wholefoods and other grocery stores. Yay!

Beyond Meat just released their Beyond Chicken Tender to 25 chains of restaurants in the US! Look up their press release and product information. Like this Fortune article states, there isn’t a release date yet for supermarkets, but I will be patiently keeping an eye open for those!


Check out this recipe video made mainly of tofu, jackfruit, and vital wheat gluten for a perfect chicken-like texture. The recipe is also available in the original article from Full of Plants.

If you are looking for a gluten-free alternative, check out this gluten-free vegan fried chicken made out of tofu.

2. Beef

Vegan Burger (Source: MaxPixel)

Beef alternatives and vegan patties are abundant on grocery shelves! Here’s a list of companies that have products mimicking beef meat.


Beyond Meat Ground Beef

Beyond Meat Meatballs

Beyond Meat Burgers

Meatless Farm Co also offer ground ‘beef’ and burgers

One of my favorites has been these Wholefoods home brand vegan patties.

Impossible Burger (Now available at Target)

Dr. Praegers Perfect Burger


You can always try making your own vegan ground beef with Textured Vegetable Protein and other spices, as proposed by Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen.

3. Cow’s Milk

Oat Milk Latté

For milk, we’ve got so many alternatives available! Check out this article from The Vegan Carrot with 7 substitutes for cow’s milk. Since it was written, even more options have emerged on the market, including potato milk and macadamia milk.

4. Pork

Vegan Bacon (Source Flickr)

The best vegetable to mimic pulled pork texture is the jackfruit.

Recipes for jackfruit:

Here’s a jackfruit pulled pork sandwich from The Minimalist Baker.

Extra: It’s also possible to make vegan ribs, with jackfruit and wheat gluten as the main ingredients.

Products for jackfruit:

Barvecue offers a ready-to-eat vegan pulled pork.

There are also many ways to do (healthier) bacon.

Recipes for bacon:

Bacon made out of shiitake

Bacon made out of rice paper

Coconut bacon

Products for bacon:

This seasoning from Deliciou makes everything taste like bacon.

Amongst the many ‘facon’ out there, I like the one from Benevolent.

5. Eggs

Tofu Scramble (Source: Flickr)

Any use of an egg now has an alternative to it, whether it is to eat as a whole or for its binding agent in baking. The Vegan Carrot has an article with 6 egg substitutions.


JUST Egg comes in a squeezing bottle and tastes just like eggs, in my opinion.

VeganEgg from Follow Your Heart comes in powder form and is easy to mix.


Here’s a recipe from Tasty that mimics an actual sunny-side-up egg, give it a try!

6. Cheese

Vegan Nacho Cheese (Source Flickr)



I cannot go through cheese without first mentioning this delicious and easy mac & cheese from Daiya.

Moving on! There is a lot of vegan cheese out there, so I’d like to direct you to this ‘best vegan cheese of 2021‘ list which mentions 3 of my favorite brands, Violife, Follow Your Heart, and Miyoko.


Here’s a simple vegan queso recipe (the yellow melty type that is for nachos) from The Minimalist baker.