An Animal Sanctuary in Ramona, California

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To start, what is an animal sanctuary?

By definition, an animal sanctuary is a facility where animals are brought to live and be protected for the rest of their lives. By entering an animal refuge, it becomes clear that animals are individuals with personalities. The free space allows them to uncover their personalities and best behaviors. Cows just want scratches, ponies want hugs, chickens are curious and ducks have best friends.

About 2 The Rescue

First, many animal sanctuaries exist. Thankfully, they are growing in numbers! The one I am particularly attached to is 2 The Rescue Animal Sanctuary Inc. It is located in Ramona, California. From my house, it’s a 2 hour drive – and it’s all worth it. The sanctuary is led by Ilana Friedman, who made a complete career change. Prior to dedicating her time to the sanctuary and rescuing animals, she worked in a high position fashion industry job at Nordstrom. Watch her talk about the sanctuary here. There, animals are treated like individuals. Chickens, horses, tortoises, pigs, ducks: they all have a name. Furthermore, they all have a story of abuse or neglect, hence why Ilana’s purpose is to make sure that they live their best lives from now on!

What does a day look like at 2 The Rescue Animal Sanctuary?

As soon as the sun rises, the rooster sings and all the animals are fed and brought out. Ilana makes a fresh salad, with dry warms and green peas for the chicken and the ducks. The steers and the horses get fed hay or granules depending on their age. After everyone has had breakfast, there is a lot of work to be done. The terrain needs daily maintenance. Consequently, many people come visit the rescue. Whether they are workers, volunteers, or people in rehabilitation, people from various occupations visit the sanctuary. In the afternoon, the chickens often get a snack such as watermelon. Music is playing and animals are relaxing or playing with each other. Since it is winter time, the sun sets at 5:00 pm so the animals eat dinner around 4 pm. Everyone is fed once more and put in their room for the night.

How can animal sanctuaries make money or survive?

In fact, animal sanctuaries need to feed animals, cover veterinarian costs, pay for installation etc. It cost a lot to run. Some make money by having visitors in their refuge. 2 The Rescue Animal Sanctuary offers on site camping, where you can install your tent and wake up to happy animals.

Some sanctuaries can be more profitable by offering services. For instance, The Gentle Barn offers cow’s hug therapy for just about $200 and hour.

Below is a short video that highlights some of the animals from 2 The Rescue Animal Sanctuary.

Finally, what do you think?

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