4 Reasons To Get Rid Of Common Expressions About Pigs

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1 Pigs are social and smart (Ditch: ‘Being a road hog’)

They remember locations well and can tell the difference between individual pigs and humans.

2 Pigs appreciate food (Despite a little ‘oink’ here and there, they eat slowly. Ditch: ‘Eating like a pig’)

They prefer to eat slowly and savor their food.

3 Pigs love to bathe in water (Ditch: ‘Sweating like a pig’)

They like to bath in water or mud to keep cool. Tony Toeback from Perstorp says ‘They do have some sweat glands but far less than us humans and the ones they do have are not functional – they do not respond to thermoregulatory cues.’

4 Pigs are clean (Ditch: ‘Being a pig’)

They like to keep their toilet area far away from where they lie down and eat.

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