5 Vegan Natural Pre-Workout Snacks

best vegan pre workout

Looking for the best vegan pre workout snacks? Here’s are my some of my favorite vegan pre workouts. They are all made of natural, vegan whole food.

To start, we have the easiest one on the list: The peanut butter stuffed dates. For an extra kick, you can even add salt and chocolate chips in there!

Top 5 Best Vegan Pre-Workout #1: Peanut Butter Stuffed Dates

The recipe goes like so…Take 2-3 dates, distribute a table spoon of peanut butter inside each one and perhaps chocolate chips. Here’s an easy on-the-go snack that will give you sustainable energy!

And then we have the classic body builder treat…yes! The rice krispie square, vegan version.

Top 5 Best Vegan Pre-Workout #2: Rice krispie Squares

For this pre workout snack I followed Dudleydudzz recipe on his Youtube channel. He doesn’t give out the exact proportions but it’s so easy to just do the squares that only visual instructions are perfectly fine. Rice krispies are by nature vegan. As far as the marshmallows, I found this vegan marshmallow brand at Wholefoods.

You can head to his Youtube channel for the instructions. There are only 4 ingredients. You’ll need vegan butter (I used this unsalted vegan butter from Miyoko’s), vanilla extract, vegan marshmallows and rice krispies. I used Nature’s path Oranic Rice Cereal instead of the Rice Krispie brand just because that’s what was available at Wholefoods.

In 3rd place, we have the beets & dragonfruit smoothie.

Top 5 Best Vegan Pre-Workout #3: Pink Beet Sorbet

This one definitely deserves its place in the best vegan pre workout snacks. It is made of water, strawberry, beets and dragonfruit. Beetroot has been proven to increase stamina during working out. I used the dragonfruit mostly to brighten the color of this smoothie, yet it still have a ton of benefits.

The exact recipe goes like so: 2 teaspoon of beetroot powder, 3-4 strawberries and 1/3 cup of dragonfruit. Mix it all in water and blend with the smoothie blender. I used water here because I want to keep things a bit light before strenuous exercises. I added coconut flakes just for visual pleasure and texture.

Then we have one that I like because it feels like eating a dessert. It’s the frozen banana pop. It’s without a doubt an awesome vegan pre workout snack.

Top 5 Best Vegan Pre-Workout #4: Choco Banana Pop

In 4th place, we have this candy chocolate banana which I love especially during the summer time. It really feels like eating a healthy dessert. With its 3 simple ingredients, it’s easy to make and prepare in advance.

For this one you need bananas (not too ripped), dark chocolate and a topping. Simply dip the bananas into your melted chocolate and add toppings if you want. I added these organic sprinkles from Supernatural. These sprinkles are naturally colored from plants and spices, are soy and gluten free, contain no plant oil and are 100% vegan. What’s not to like! Take a look at the video to get a grasp of the process. To see more of those videos, look at The Vegan Carrot’s Instagram.

Finally, if you like some greens, here’s a potion that will sure give you a lot of energy

Top 5 Best Vegan Pre-Workout #5: The Green Potion

It doesn’t get greener than that! I call this one the potion because it does feel like you are making a witch potion when you prepare it. Below I am showing one that I did for breakfast. It’s a little bigger than a snack I would take right before the gym.

This smoothie is made of 1/2 of an Avocado, 1 Frozen Banana, 1 tbsp of Chia Seeds, 1 tbsp of Matcha Powder, 1 tbsp of Fresh Frozen Spirulina powder and 2 tbsp of Maca Powder.

What’s one of your best to-go snacks pre workout? Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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