5 Creative & Colorful Vegan Breakfast

Vegan Breakfast Ideas The Vegan Carrot

Here are 5 creative and colorful plant-based breakfast you can make at home to switch your morning routine.

1 Mermaid Smoothie Bowl

This is a very heavy, yet protein (30 gr) and nutrient dense smoothie bowl.

View the recipe for this green Mermaid Smoothie Bowl here.

protein smoothie bowl the vegan carrot

2 Banana Sushis

Here’s an easy and quick one! Your inner (or actual) kid will love it.

View the recipe for Bananas Breakfast Sushis.

3 Collard Greens Scrambled Tofu Burritos

A super healthy, filling breakfast that will leave you feeling good and satiated.

Watch how to make them here

Collard Greens Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Burritos

4 Fluffy Layered Overnight Oats

Also an easy one, this nutriment packed overnight oats is colorful and so filling!

View the recipe for Fluffy Layered Overnight Oats

The Vegan Carrot Overnight Oat

5 Carrot Lox Bagel

If you appreciate the taste of smoky food, capers and dill, you’ll love this carrot lox bagel. Easy enough, it only required you to leave the carrots soak over night and your bagel is ready to prepare in the morning.

View the full Carrot Lox Bagel recipe here

The Vegan Carrot Carrot Lox Bagels